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It's not just how you build it, but what you believe in too.
-Malcolm Wells (Architect/Author)
A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul.
-Saadi Shirazi (Poet)
It should look as if it has always been like that, as if Nature had made it that way.
-Sepp Holzer (Farmer/Author)

Our  Vision

We are  guided by our observations and studies of the natural world; vernacular architecture, the human habitat, and permaculture. Through extensive travels in both familiar and foreign landscapes, we seek to have a deeper understanding of the world around us, and an ethic which reflects this journey.

Marissa L. Ringel is a gardener, writer, and craftswoman. The focus of her creative work is bridging the rural and urban landscapes. Within these diverse backdrops nature is her muse, and the seasons an omnipresent influence. 

Gabriel R.S. Gourd is an artist and visionary. As an artisan his inspiration comes from the observation of the elements. His mediums of choice include raw materials (earth, stone, wood), acrylic paint, and audio.

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