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Solstice X

Over a decade since the inception of Solace Natural Design as a creative collaboration, we find ourselves in this present moment; reflecting upon what we have experienced and accomplished, and all those moments that have yet to arrive.

It started from a process of visualization, dreaming, and observing the seasons. Wind-fallen logs that were once spires to the sky, placed on contour, their forms containing the planting and nursery beds of now maturing food forests. Clogged ruts, the scars of heavy machinery, channeled to become clear streams of running water. We now walk footpaths and trails under moonlight, where brambles and brush once obstructed passage.

To bear witness, and a presence in the cyclical flow of years and celestial ramblings. Observing the sacredness in the mundane; the swelling of buds on the branches of winter worn shrubs, the first lightning bug floating through the dusk. The complex simplicity of sensory indulgence.

This is an entry point into a narrative; the story of our journey to lead a life less ordinary. And the writing is of our own experiences and misadventures, thoughts and ideas on the art of living; it is also an opportunity to the stories of the many people who have inspired us.

The difficult thing about starting something new is coming to terms with its existence. And doing so with the awareness that it will take time and a struggle for it to become more than just a wild thought or set of abstract dreams.

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